Honeywood/@Reissued Featured Sale October 21 2014

Dreamy Photos from the @Reissued/Honeywood "Featured Sale"!

Where it all started.... August 18 2014


As I sit down and start my first blog ever I think I have to start at the inception of Honeywood, the seed. The very first spark. The moment where I took the plunge and said the hell with it! I'm walking away from a steady paycheck, I'm taking a leap of faith. I'm doing something I love, for me, not making money for someone else... I was scared, I was excited and I had to summon every bit of strength I had. Seven years ago it was ALL faith. 





It was me and my closest friend Kathey in my backyard in Echo Park every weekend. I recruited who I could and I could not have done it without them (thank you Erlene and Paris)! Shooting and shooting and shooting. Listing and listing and listing until I thought I was going to go crazy.


I honed my love of embroidery and textiles and every piece I shot and measured I feel more and more in love the with work that went into them. The hands that embroidered the lovely vintage Mexican dresses, the handwoven Huipils that must have taken months to weave and embroider, the hand blocked designs on the Indian bedspreads that still drive me CRAZY to this day. I love vintage clothing, I love textiles and I always will. I look back on this pictures 6 years ago and I can not believe I am here today.