Nestled on York Boulevard, in the bustling and up-and-coming neighborhood of Highland Park, is the Bohemian gem of a boutique HONEYWOOD. Featuring a covetable collection of vintage and in-house designed wares for men and women, the storefront’s surreal hand-painted mural is an invitation to shop in a magical vintage fairytale, think Frida Kahlo meets Gram Parsons in the desert of Joshua Tree…

Honeywood is the latest endeavor of owner, designer, and curator Vanessa Dingwell, who for six years has grown her online store known for her highly discerning collection of vintage ethnic embroidered clothing, catering to loyal customers all around the world. Here you’ll find a collection of her bohemian embroidered pieces, ethnic kaftans, Victorian clothing as well as equally unique textiles, accessories, leather goods and jewelry, including Mexican and Native American silver. Romantic Victorian pieces mingle with dramatic hand-embroidered Folk Art from Mexico, Guatemala and Eastern Europe, while handcrafted deerskin duffels and Capes are paired with vintage boots.

Honeywood is also the home of The Dude Shop, a selection of vintage mens goods curated by musician Charlie Overbey. The Dude Shop includes eclectic vintage pieces inspired by years on the road ranging from cowboy boots to motorcycle jackets, Pendletons, vintage Playboys and more.