ntique Navajo Sterling "Peyote Bird" Squash Blossom

$ 750.00

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Symbolic Peyote Bird/Water Bird Navajo Squash Blossom

Turquoise and Sterling

Hand Inlayed Peyote Birds

One of A Kind and Handmade 

Origin ~ NAVAJO

Circa ~ 1960s

Length ~ 26 inches from end to end 

12 individual Peyote Birds and Center Naja


The Peyote Bird ~ The Water Bird is a symbol of the renewal of life, rainy seasons, rivers, distant travel, distant vision & wisdom. It is often also referred to as the Peyote Bird because the Water Bird plays a significant part in the Native American Indian Church Peyote meetings and, in fact, since the early 1900’s has been the symbol of the NAC

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